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We got out of the 'Rat Race' and so can you!


This very informative DVD is packed with more than enough information on how you can get your dream home set up and live comfortably "off-grid" too..


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HM Ranch

We at HM Ranch pride ourselves on our ability to live off of  what Mother Nature provides for us.

Hm Ranch is basically a research station with an emphasis on attaining comfortable self reliance in a typical western high desert environment while testing our theories and ideas no matter how unorthodox.

We concentrate on projects that use as much of what mother nature will provide to accomplish our goals.

Jeff's theories, projects and ideas range anywhere from perpetual motion to tumbleweed harvesting and about everything in between.


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Hillbilly Heaven

Built 'off grid' in 1998 HM Ranch uses a variety of unique resource generating devices made mostly from salvaged material to give us a low cost comfortable and stable 'off grid' life. That's why we call this "Hillbilly Heaven". 

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Hillbilly Heaven DVD

Your guide to self reliance

While HM Ranch is not fancy, we are truly secure on a planet that is, in our opinion, GOING NUTS! This DVD shows a sensible approach to off grid living and introduces you to what we call, "creative scrounging." We like to be prepared for whatever the future holds and believe you do as well.

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Slurry Chutes

Making concrete placement easy

Developed over 25 years ago with more than 10,000 unites being sold, the Slurry Chute is THE concrete pouring accessory. No matter how big or small the job, the Slurry Chute tackles it without a problem.